Restored photo for family tree


Restore and preserve your old photographs

Most of us have lovely old family photos tucked away in a shoebox somewhere - gently fading away. These irreplaceable treasures may even be damaged or stained. We can scan your photographs on a professional-quality scanner, then retouch, repair and restore them before the photographs themselves fade away to nothing and are lost forever.

Once digitally restored, your photo is returned to you, along with a high resolution computer file, cleaned up and restored to as near it's original perfection as possible - the deterioration process will now have been halted and your treasured photo is preserved for posterity.


It is not possible to give an all-embracing price for restoring old photos as there can be huge variations in the repair/restoration required, but we will always give you an accurate quote before any work is started. As a rough guide, the photo at the top of this page would have cost £25.

Our restoration service is charged at £10 per hour. Special rates can apply for multiples.